By Invitation Only

The format will be presenters appear before a panel of judges similar to Orthobiologics Innovation Think Tank. The presenters/contestants (industry and/ or individual researchers) will be either present their new biologic related device/ biologic innovation or their start-up company/concept. The Judges and reporters/analysts will question them after their presentation and end with recommendations. 

Date Feb 5 Preceding The Biologics Alliance – 1st Annual Summit
Time 12:30 to 6:15 pm

1. Panelists will serve as Think Tank panelists offering critical questions, comments and advice.

Scheduled to Attend:  

Laurence Higgins, MD.  Dr Higgins is the Vice President of Strategic Development. He is responsible for global corporate strategic development, overseeing clinical and outcomes research (with Arthrex’s Surgical Outcome System™) and managing acquisitions and HCP administration relations. 

Scott Bruder, MD, PhD.  Insightful and energetic healthcare leader with a 25-plus year history of bridging basic science, clinical medicine, and industrial development expertise to deliver innovative, commercially successful products that improve patients’ lives around the world. 

Christopher Shen MD, is a Managing Partner at Qiming Venture Partners USA, based in Los Altos, CA. Prior to joining Qiming, Dr. Shen was a Managing Director and head of U.S. healthcare investing at Vertex Ventures Healthcare. Dr. Shen specializes in investments in biopharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

Nicholas Pachuda, Nick is the leader and Worldwide Vice President of Orthopedic Innovation for the J&J Medical Device Group. He is responsible for portfolio innovation strategy and external partnerhips. He works to find the best external sources of science, technology and talent to bring transformational and clinically translatable orthopedic solutions to patients. He has worked in all segments of Orthopedics including sports, extremities, trauma, joints, spine, digital surgery/robotics, infection and tissue regeneration  
Nick was in clinical practice for 10 years specializing in Foot & Ankle Surgery after completing his fellowship in Orthopedic Trauma.


2. Industry Analysts & Reporters

Think Tank Logistics:
• Invitation only biologics related companies or new biologic innovations without a formal industry organization will present for 15 minutes on their new biologic innovation.
• Panel interaction for 10 minutes
• Analyst/Reporter along with audience questions for 10 minutes.

Session 1
12:30 pm to 2:30 pm Presentations 1-3
• Committed Participants:
o Samumed

Session 2
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Presentations 4-6

Session 3
5:30 pm to 6:10 pm Presentation 7 (to 5:40 pm)

6:10 to 6: 15pm. Farr, Mandelbaum, Dragoo: Suggestions for 2021 Think Tank


For the Think Tank Program Agenda