ON, the orthoregeneration network is an independent international foundation in the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration driving the development and understanding of new treatment strategies for the well-being of the patient. ON is supporting education and research and fosters an expert network.

Find out more: www.my.on-foundation.org


Research Grant Opportunities:


  • Kick-Starter Grant: New methods for joint preservation in active patients (10'000 CHF)
  • Pilot Grant: Novel techniques for the regeneration of osteochondral lesions of the talus (25'000 CHF)
  • Literature Grant: A systematic review on current knowledge on bone marrow stimulation techniques and biology (2'000 CHF open access fee)

Application deadline is June 29, 2021




ONcase Night is now available on demand

It's a laid-back entertaining education format. Grab a drink and watch Matthias Steinwachs presenting his ONcase: Corresponding cartilage lesion medial patella and trochlea. The experts Laura de Girolamo and Myron Spector comment on the science and evidence. Last but not least the patient adds his perspective.