ON, the orthoregeneration network is an independent international foundation in the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration driving the development and understanding of new treatment strategies for the well-being of the patient. ON is supporting education and research and fosters an expert network.

Find out more: www.my.on-foundation.org


Research Grant Opportunities:


·       Literature Grant: Clinical registries in orthopedic practice and their coverage of regenerative techniques (2'000 CHF open access fee)

·       Pilot Grant: Biologic optimization of tendon repair e.g. rotator cuff, achilles tendon, etc. (25'000 CHF)

·       Kick-Starter Grant: New regenerative treatments for subchondral bone changes, including chronic subchondral edema (10'000 CHF)

·       Kick-Starter Grant: New materials and methods for nerve regeneration (10'000 CHF)

Application deadline is March 30, 2021