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David C. Flanigan, MD

  • The new Biologics Alliance Website

Jack Farr MD

  • The Goals of the Summit
  • The Summit and the Think Tank

Jorge Chahla MD, PHD

  • Hopes for the Alliance

Brian J. Cole MD, MBA

  • The Importance of Alliance
  • The Importance of Ortho Biologics
  • Stakeholders of the Biologics Alliance
  • The Innaugral Biologics Symposium
  • The Innaugral Biologics Symposium

John M. Tokish, MD

  • The Excitement of Biologics and the Bio-repository

Jason L. Dragoo, MD

  • Genesis of the Alliance
  • What Sparked my Interest in Biologics?
  • What is the Alliance?
  • The American Academy and the Alliance
  • What is the Alliance?

Bert R. Mandelbaum MD

  • Genesis of the Alliance Mission
  • Role of the Alliance
  • Alliance Meeting Invitation
  • The Role of Biologics in My Practice
  • Alliance Mission

James P. Bradley

  • Dr's, Mandelbaun and Bradley part 2
  • Dr's, Mandelbaun and Bradley
  • Biologics Summit Invitation
  • Biologics and Athletics

Ken Zaslav MD

  • The ICRS and the Alliance
  • The Biologics Summit Invitation

Kay Horsch MD

  • The ON Foundation and the Alliance

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